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quinta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2014

MARY: Heart to Heart to Heart. MARIA: Aiuto durante le prove

MARIA: Non abbandonerò mai il genere umano. Io trarrò sempre fuori i miei doni di salvezza. Io libererò tutti quelli che invocheranno il mio nome, non però dai mali, che colpiscono tutti, ma dalla disperazione che accompagnerà questi mali.

1. La rivoluzione siriana
2. Il mistero del male siriano
3. Putin e l’Ucraina
4. L’infezione nel flusso sanguigno
5. L’annientamento delle Nazioni
6. La Donna e George Washington
7. Misericordia o giustizia
8. Un giorno reclamato dal Male
9. Aiuto durante le prove
6 settembre 2014
Quando tutti gli eventi convergeranno, il mondo vedrà il piano di Satana emergere. Ora, questo piano è nascosto. Quando verrà rivelato, il mondo vedrà i suoi errori, le sue scelte sbagliate e l’impotenza della saggezza umana. Ma una maggiore domanda esiste: “Ci sarà alcuna soluzione ai crescenti problemi?” Saranno fatti sforzi. L’umanità continuerà a credere stupidamente di controllare il proprio destino. (Tale controllo in realtà non esiste da molto tempo, perché questi eventi risalgono a quasi 100 anni fa.) Tutti gli sforzi saranno inutili. I poteri e l’intelligenza che sono dietro il male superano di gran lunga tutte le forze umane.
Che cosa accadrà? Devo parlare chiaramente e ad alta voce. Le mie parole sembrano piccole e raggiungono solo un gruppo limitato per ora, ma è importante che le parole vengano registrate. Più tardi, esse lampeggeranno come titolazioni al mondo intero.
Non abbandonerò mai il genere umano. Io trarrò sempre fuori i miei doni di salvezza. Io libererò tutti quelli che invocheranno il mio nome, non però dai mali, che colpiscono tutti, ma dalla disperazione che accompagnerà questi mali.
Il tempo è breve. I preparativi sono già stati fatti. Non ritardate. Raccogliete i vostri cari e dite: “Dobbiamo tornare alla Vergine Maria. Lei ci sosterrà nelle prove”. Ed io lo farò.
Commento: I messaggi di Maria portano sempre la speranza, ma solo se rispondiamo.

MARY: Let us walk into the future together. Through my words you can take my hand. My voice will always speak, and although darkness is all around you, will not be in darkness. A strange and powerful light will fill your heart and the evil will not touch you. From the light will come my voice which you will recognize. By my voice I will comfort you.

7. The Fire of Mary’s Suffering

I wait and wait, unable to pour out all the gifts stored in my Immaculate Heart. How I suffer from these flames that long ago should have gone forth. They burn within me as unopened gifts. Instead, I see the other fires, the fires of destruction given free reign because my fire is bound and tied. When will my suffering end? When will the fires be allowed to go forth?
That is why I speak and why, O reader, I have led you to these little locutions that reveal so many secrets. These words have prepared your heart. You believe,. You have faith and trust. You can receive my fires. Please take my fire. You will relieve my suffering.
“What can I do for you, O Virgin?” you ask. Just receive my fire. In me, these fires cause great suffering. In you, the fires will bring peace and zeal for Jesus’ kingdom.
These fires do not belong in my heart. They belong in your heart. I am already full of grace. This is the mystery. The heavenly Father has placed all the fires meant for the whole human race in my Immaculate Heart. He wants me to distribute these fires so that Satan is humbled by being conquered by a woman. The greatest favor that you can do for me is to open your own heart and receive all the fires meant for you.
There is a second mystery. To those who are faithful, I will give fires meant for others, but rejected by them. These fires are tasks that must be done to save souls. Many reject their tasks but they must be accomplished. So, I look around for faithful souls and I give them tasks that should have been done by others.
You can see the many mysteries. As you learn the ways of my heart, you become my perfect instruments.
Comment: Today, Our Lady has revealed great mysteries in very simple words.

6. A Year From Now

When the heart speaks it holds nothing back, sometimes revealing what should be kept secret. Such is my heart, pouring out all my secrets.
By next September, much will have shifted. The terrorist groups will be stronger and better organized because the steps taken against them will not be sufficient or effective. The problems will not just come from terrorism. There will be sparks coming from new fires. These fires should have been put out but instead they have been put off, as if terrorism was the big problem. These fires are internal, especially the enormous debts and the economies with no foundations.
Time must not be lost. The Church must understand, through the prophetic gift, how to prepare its members and the world. This is a true gift of service which can alert without being sensational.
Too many merely watch and wonder what is going to happen. I am telling you what will happen. Before the events begin, the Church must call for prayer and fasting, for a renewal of fervor. People must flood the churches beginning now and not wait for these events. All must be ready and not caught unawares.
Comment: Our Lady speaks frequently of a series of events, indifferent aspects of human life, that will shift the world. She asks us to believe and, even now, to fill the churches.9

5. A Day of Infamy

As I pour out my words all will know that they are gifts of my Immaculate Heart for they will be rich but simple, easy to remember and always able to bring hope, even though they speak of dark events.
Let us walk into the future together. Through my words you can take my hand. My voice will always speak, and although darkness is all around you, will not be in darkness. A strange and powerful light will fill your heart and the evil will not touch you. From the light will come my voice which you will recognize. By my voice I will comfort you.
Today (September 11) is a day of infamy, of tragedy, and worst of all, a day that always inspires new and more violent acts of terrorism. Satan, who stirred up those who perpetrated the original acts, has laid claim to this day. Why? He is not the Lord. He has no right to a day. However, those who serve him have now claimed this day.
Can I not take this day back? Can I not reclaim this day for my Son? Next year is so important. Let my followers prepare and gather. Do not surrender this day to the Evil One, otherwise the terror will grow.
Comment: Our Lady wants us to prepare for September 11, 2015 and reclaim the day for Jesus Christ.

4. Heart to Heart to Heart

When my heart breaks open, every blessing will pour out. The world will see a new power, hidden until now in my Immaculate Heart. The world and even the Church have never seen these gifts even though through my apparitions, small manifestations have taken place. Only a few have tasted of this new wine. So much is still hidden that I must now speak quite openly.
Man’s heart is good but entrapped, surrounded by so many evil choices and a powerful culture that pulls him away from God. The Church holds on valiantly, trying to preach the basic truths and to offer the powers of the sacraments. All can see, that these are not enough. The hearts of many belong to the world not to my Church.
There is a need for a new stream is needed which takes its place alongside the Church’s teachings and its sacraments. This is the stream of devotion which captures the person’s heart for Jesus. This is the mighty stream which I am beginning to pour forth from my Immaculate Heart, heart to heart to heart. From my heart to your heart that leads you to Jesus’ heart. These powers will pour forth as my heart breaks open and the mighty stream comes forth.
Comment: All of our hearts can profit from this stream.

3. A Light From Mary’s Heart

When all the events begin, a light will shine forth from my Immaculate Heart. It will not be just a general or diffused light. This light will be clear and definite. The light will come from those whom I have long ago placed in my heart.
This light that will go forth will have a special power to attract. The light will be under obedience to the Church. No one will be led astray. The light will gather, console, offer warmth and peace. The light will strengthen in times of great weakness.
While all the world struggles, this light will grow stronger and stronger. People, and even nations, will walk in this surprising light, which continually flows out. The light will be a sign to all that I am the Woman Clothed With the Sun, able to overcome even the greatest victories of the Evil One.
Whatever darkness he pours out, I will give a greater light. Whatever area he touches, I will go there with my light. His darkness will be no match for my light.
There is only one condition. People must believe. They must accept the light into their hearts and walk by the light. If so, even in the darkest of moments, they will enjoy my light.
Comment: Words give light and direction. Mary promises her light whenever the darkness comes.

2. The False Economies

I can no longer hold back the secrets that lie hidden in my Immaculate Heart. They must be revealed because the time is short. I will reveal places and events.
Much depends on the free will of man. Also, what God now decrees in his justice can be changed by his mercy. So much depends on how responsive man is to my pleadings. What is certain is that I must begin to reveal. To wait any longer would be foolhardy. The human race has long ago passed the point of no return. Certain events will definitely happen but much can be changed. Most important the Church and all who believe can be spiritually prepared for these events.
All eyes look to the terrorists and to the Ukraine, but few now look to the economies of the world that are so shaky and ready to topple. No one tackles the difficult issues of restraining the false economic policies.
The foundation is eroded. The countries can no longer pay for their arms and their lifestyles. No one preaches restraint and the people have no desire to tighten their belts. In the time ahead, I will speak often, always more clearly, of the economic disturbances that will rock the markets. Do not judge by the boom. No solid foundation exists. All is debt driven.
Comment: Our Lady will point out the problems.

1. The History of the Light

I know the plans which God has, his plans for peace and blessings. These plans should be easily fulfilled. However, when sin entered the world, the plans were torn to pieces. Only with great difficulty and with the help of God’s revelation could man even glimpse these plans.
In the fullness of time, I brought forth God’s Son. A new light entered the world. Man could see again his path to the Father. The Holy Spirit was sent and man was enlightened in a totally new way. Jesus’ hope was to restore things as they were at the beginning.
Since those events, this light has had its own history. Sometimes accepted. Sometimes rejected. This is the mystery which I now reveal. The light of Christ is under attack. This has always been the case, as the centuries of martyrs prove. But now, the assault is from every side, the terror of the Muslims and the sins of the West. So the Father has placed this light in my Immaculate Heart for its safekeeping and for the light to shine brilliantly once again, as never before. Why seek this light elsewhere, when I tell you exactly where the Father has hidden it? Why not listen to my revelations? Then, all will find the light. The great mystery of this age is my Immaculate Heart, the depository of the light of Christ. I will speak more and more about this mystery.
Comment; In Mary’s Immaculate Heart we can find the light of Christ more easily.