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Tras siete años de caos político desde el golpe de Estado de 1910, el gobierno socialista de Portugal ha atenuado la persecución de la Iglesia Católica y ha permitido la reapertura de sus templos. Y es en el pueblito rural de Fátima donde tres niños pastores aseguran haber recibido la visita de una "bella señora venida del cielo" que les pide que recen el Santo Rosario. Pese a la censura y a las medidas represivas de los socialistas, cada día vienen más y más peregrinos desde lejanos lugares para ver la aparición celestial. Las atemorizadas autoridades eclesiásticas, temerosas de que se reinicie la persecución religiosa, intentan evitar esto en vano. Y es ahí, en medio de ese clima de temores y represión, cuando a los tres pastorcitos les es revelado un mensaje para el mundo y ante los ojos de creyentes y no creyentes ocurrirá un portentoso hecho que cambiará la historia.

Hermosa película de los estudios americanos Warner Bros., que recrea la aparición de la Virgen María ocurrida en Fátima (Portugal) en 1917.

El Milagro De Nuestra Señora de Fátima
(o El Mensaje de Fátima)

John Brahm

James O'Hanlon
Crane Wilbur

Bryan Foy

Max Steiner

Edwin B. DuPar

Susan Whitney ... Lúcia Abóbora dos Santos
Sherry Jackson ... Jacinta Marto
Carl Milletaire ... District Magistrate
Sammy Ogg ... Francisco Marto
Gilbert Roland ... Hugo da Silva
Angela Clarke ... Maria Rosa Abóbora dos Santos
Frank Silvera ... Council Administrator Artur dos Santos
Jay Novello ... António Abóbora dos Santos
Norman Rice ... Manuel Marto
Frances Morris ... Olímpia Marto

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1. An Invitation to Trust

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The root of all evil is the lie, the deceptions that cover over the truth, the darknesses that destroy the light.  These deceptions are stored in the heart and when someone approaches me I uncover and remove these inner lies that had guided the person.

As the lies and deceptions are removed, the person walks in truth.  They become as a totally new creation, like mankind as it came from the Father’s hand, devoid of darkness and open to the truth.   Restoring mankind means a return to truth.
So much needs to be uncovered.  From the beginning, the Evil One planted lies in the hearts of the first parents that caused them to disobey.  The problem of mankind is the great deceptions that block the heavenly Father’s power and casts mankind into the darkness.

O reader, in these locutions, we will invite you to live in complete and absolute trust, in the great innocence of the child who is so pleasing to the Father.  Let all the lies and deceptions be disclosed.  Lies only have power when they remain hidden in the dark recesses of your heart.

2. Loving the Darkness

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I bring the fullness of light, but people want their darkness.  They live in deceptions that begin with themselves and their own intentions, hiding their real motives and covering over their real feelings.  This prevents my light from entering.  Few there are who welcome the truth.  When there is credit to be taken, they want their full share.  Where there is blame, they flee and declare themselves innocent.

If only they looked into their own hearts, they would see the truth and correct their motives.  Instead they want the darkness and are condemned to live in self-deception.  This precludes the change of heart which would bless them and others.
I lived in the fullness of God’s light, given to me from the beginning.  This light pierced the depth of my soul.  I never spoke a false word and I was always aware of the desires and motives that filled my heart.  I lived in truth and this is the gift I offer to you, O reader,  a life of  personal truth, totally in God’s light.  This light will challenge you .  At times, it will rebuke you.  But, this inner light is my special gift to you.  Accept it now.  “O Mary if you give me your light, I will accept it fully”.

3. Lies of Mankind

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Every lie begins in the heart and is not the fruit of love (for either God or for man).  Lies are given birth by an intellect that sees some selfish interest.  Once conceived, the lie slips easily from the human lips and travels to the very end of the universe.  Lies cannot enter heaven where only truth gains admission, so the lie returns to earth and is sown in the field of corruption.

Earth is now filled with lies and deceptions.  With each lie, some light of truth has been extinguished and the darkness grows.  Amid these lies, man walks in darkness.  Man deceives man until all of human life becomes the grand deception.  Such is the state of mankind.
To all my children, I teach the truth.  They love the truth and would never allow a lie to enter their heart.  Their heart is like heaven, giving admittance only to the seeds of truth.  They harvest the truth and its fruit is sweet.
The Evil One tires to sow his weeds but the soul rejects those weeds as weeds of death.  When life is finished, the harvest is all wheat that can be gathered into God’s barn.

4. Lies of the Individual

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There are too many words.  Let your speech be “yes” or “no”, anything more is from the Evil One. (Mt.5:37)  Such is the life of man, filled with deceiving and flattering words.  These are like bribes that open doors which should remain closed, gaining favors that are not merited.  Lies cover over the truth or gain a false access.  Deceptions lie at the heart and come forth by deceiving words.  They are like clouds that cover the sun, not allowing man to live in a full light.  These are the daily deceptions which do not allow human life to follow truth.  The road gets twisted and so many get lost.

My words were few but always spoken from the heart.  O reader, what is in your heart?  What do you truly believe and think?   Say those thoughts in great charity.  Never change the truth. Your words will be like arrows, piercing the hearts of others.  Let them be gentle words that console and encouraging words that lift up the spirit.
If you do this, I will give you greater words that can revive the spirit and animate people to know and to love Jesus.  These are the great words that spread the gospel and give faith.  Faith comes from hearing and blessed is the person who preaches the good news.

5. Lies of the Nation

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The great deceptions happen when nations come together.  Treaties are signed that are meaningless, just delays so decisions of stealth can be implemented.

Leaders do not speak the truth to their people and people do not demand the truth from their leaders.  One compromises the other, supposedly for the benefit of both the leader and his followers.
However, as truth is postponed, the situation deteriorates.  Those who committed the lies pass off the scene, and others must deal with the twisted and scarred reality left behind.  Lies and deceptions weaken the fabric of society until the problems are unsolvable.  Lies become a constant necessity because people do not want to hear the truth.  The nation cannot be saved.  People have become addicted to the lie.  No one wants to face the truth and deal with the problems in an honest way.  Such is the state of every modern nation.

The situation is beyond any human response because all lack the will to confront the lies.  Leaders are tied up by their people and people by their leaders.  Will there ever again be an Age of Truth, when people refused to lie and those who did so were held accountable.  Now, there is the wink of the eye and all understand that the truth will never be told.  How can the world survive when all eyes are closed to the truth?

6. The Light of the Truth

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Truth is a road, a path, a way of life.  My path was of total obedience to the Father and I walked no other road.  This led me before Pilate, where I spoke the truth.  This led me to Calvary, where I was totally obedient.  Such is my invitation to all who would follow me.  You must walk in truth.  Then, the doors that should remain closed will never open to you and you will never be trapped in your own lies and ruined by your own falsehoods.

Living in truth, you will patiently wait until the right doors open where you will find the Father’s call.
I promise you that I will reveal to you the heavenly Father’s plan for your life, but first you must be committed to the truth.  Purge from your heart any lies.  Purge the lies of the past.  See the relationships that you should never have entered.  Straighten them out, by truth.  If this leads you to leave your present situation, then follow the truth.
Accept the light of truth into your heart.  It must become the flame that guides all your decisions.  Hold this flame up high.  Do not bury it under a basket.  Put it on the lampstand.  Let it give light to the whole house.  This is new for you but I will be with you.  Together we will discover the heavenly Father’s plan for you.


segunda-feira, 3 de junho de 2013

1. Male and Female 2. Plunging into Greater Darkness 3. A Generation Born Into Darkness 4. The Moment of Great Light 5. The Fountains of Mercy

5. The Fountains of Mercy

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I have spoken clearly. Mankind is burdened by his sins, yet he has no desire to be free. He does not like the word “repentance”. He clings to his sins and pays the highest price for them. He loves his darkness and walks away from whomever would offer him the light. He cherishes his sins and would never be separated from them.
I offer mankind the great fountains of my mercy but very few come to drink, even though no price is asked. Instead, mankind seeks out poisonous waters for which he pays the highest price. He sacrifices his health, his reputation, his marriage, his family. Although sin comes with the highest price tag, the destruction of the human person, it still flourishes.
There is not enough time to describe the burdens of sin or the destruction that it brings to the human person. I have spoken gently and clearly. I end these words with an invitation. O reader, I know you and I know your sins. I will act quickly and decisively. You will be surprised at how I free you so completely. However, I need your free will to turn away from this darkness and to seek goodness. Just one little act of your will, one little prayer will suffice, “O Mary, sinless one, save me from my sins”. With that prayer the fountains of mercy are released in you.

4. The Moment of Great Light

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A moment will come when all the nations will gather into my presence. This will be the moment of great light and the moment of the full and final separation of light from darkness.
Some who come before me on that day will be children of darkness, caught, entrapped and still clinging to their darkness. All I can do is to cast them out. Darkness has no place with light, just as night has no place during the day.
How I want to avoid that moment and never have it happen. That is why I speak. O reader, cast out your darkness. Do not cherish it. Do not hold on to it. Darkness has nothing to do with light and does not exist in my kingdom.
These words are light, inviting you out of your darkness. I do not chastise. I do not condemn. But I cannot leave you in your darkness. Oh, you know it all too well. It has been your constant companion. At times, you have made this darkness your friend. You wanted him at your side.
Now, much has changed. You judge differently. You are calling darkness, darkness and you want to be a child of the light. Good! Let us begin. Take my hand and we will choose again the light of my Son, Jesus. There is not much time. Certainly, no time to delay. Casting out the darkness is not the work of one day.

3. A Generation Born Into Darkness

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Light streams from heaven so that earth does not lie in darkness. However, mankind has learned how to block heaven’s light. He extinguishes the lights one by one, until so much now lies in darkness. When darkness begins the people at least have memories of the light and what earth was like when heaven’s lights shone forth.
As time goes on, a younger generation springs up which born into the darkness. They have no memories of these lights because they were extinguished before they were born. Such it is with the great moral questions of abortion and, soon, of same sex marriages. The younger generation will be born into that darkness without any realization that different lights used to shine.
This is why we speak – to preserve the light of heaven. I do not speak to condemn. However, if I did not speak, the darkness would have no enemy, no voice raised against it. Human voices are not enough. They are easily drowned out or set aside. Mine is a heavenly voice, which carries its own authority. Who will dispute with me? Who can say that I do not love mankind, when I sacrificed my only Son? Who can accuse me of bias? I am your mother and I say quite clearly. “You are putting out the only lights that can save you from complete darkness.” I will not allow this to happen.

2. Plunging into Greater Darkness

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Mankind is weighed down by his sins but he cannot see the problem because he does not believe in sin or see its effects. So, one by one he says, “This is not a sin” and “That is not a sin”. He takes the clear list that the heavenly Father has revealed and he removes what is inconvenient or bothersome to him. The commandments of God end up in shreds.
He does not pass on to his children these clear laws, so they walk in an even greater darkness, unaware that a true light existed which has been put out. Such is the state of the world – burdened with the greatest sins, twisted in its own depravity, and totally unable to free itself. That is why I speak, trying to solve this demonic difficulty.
Mankind has become twisted as the clear light of the gospels has been gradually extinguished. Now, mankind is plunging into the greatest darkness from which the society cannot emerge. When the family is no longer seen as sacred, when conceived children are no longer accepted as persons, when the very nature of marriage is changed, then that society is warped, twisted, turned in upon itself and unable to reproduce the children needed to continue its existence. There are the obvious results of the current darkness for which I hold out the light of my Immaculate Heart.

1. Male and Female

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From the beginning, the heavenly Father made them male and female. He told them to increase and multiply and fill the earth. Now, mankind says that being male and female are unnecessary for sexual love. It claims that sexual attraction is licit when a male loves a male or a female lover a female. The Father’s plan has been lost and destroyed.
“We must give them their civil rights” they say. A male has no right to marry a male, not a female to marry a female. They cannot increase and multiply. Such a union is sterile, devoid of fertility and turned in upon itself. When a man burns for another man and a woman for a woman, it is a false love and must be rejected. There are other paths and the heavenly Father will bless those who try to walk according to his will. Many diverse gifts are reveled to those who strive to limit their lusts.
You who seek sexual satisfaction from someone of your own sex, I want you to come to me so I can teach you another path. Do not be afraid of this call to chastity and service to others. Many before you have walked this road and I have never abandoned them. There will be lonely hours and difficult moments, but there will also be joys and freedoms. I will break the bonds that chain you and offer you consolations that will lift your spirit. I invite all. No one need turn away from the fountain of chastity.

MARIA:O lettore, ti conosco e conosco i tuoi peccati. Io agirò con rapidità e decisione. Tu sarai sorpreso di come ti libererò così completamente.

17 maggio 2013


Fin dall’inizio, il Padre celeste li creò maschio e femmina. Disse loro di crescere e moltiplicarsi e di riempire la terra. Ora, l’uomo asserisce che l’essere maschio e femmina sono inutili per l’amore sessuale. Esso sostiene che l’attrazione sessuale è lecita quando un maschio ama un maschio o una femmina ama una femmina. Il piano del Padre è stato perso e distrutto.

“Dobbiamo dare loro i diritti civili”, dicono. Un maschio non ha il diritto di sposare un maschio, né una femmina di sposare una femmina. Essi non possono crescere e moltiplicarsi. Tale unione è sterile, priva di fertilità e rivolta solo su se stessa. Quando un uomo brucia per un altro uomo e una donna per una donna, è un amore falso e deve essere respinto. Ci sono altri percorsi e il Padre celeste benedirà quelli che cercano di camminare secondo la sua volontà. Molti doni diversi sono rivelati a coloro che si sforzano di limitare le loro passioni.


Tu che cerchi soddisfazione sessuale da qualcuno del tuo stesso sesso, io voglio che tu venga a me così che ti possa insegnare un altro percorso. Non avere paura di questa chiamata alla castità e di servizio agli altri. Molti prima di te hanno percorso questa strada e non li ho mai abbandonati. Ci saranno ore di solitudine e momenti difficili, ma ci saranno anche gioie e libertà. Io spezzerò i legami che ti incatenano e ti offrirò consolazioni che sollevano il tuo spirito. Invito tutti. Nessuno deve allontanarsi dalla fonte della castità.

18 maggio 2013


L’umanità è appesantita dai suoi peccati, ma non può vedere il problema, perché non crede nel peccato o vede i suoi effetti. Quindi, uno per uno, dice: “Questo non è un peccato” e “Quello non è un peccato”. Essa prende la chiara lista che il Padre celeste ha rivelato e toglie via ciò che è scomodo o fastidioso per lei. I comandamenti di Dio finiscono in brandelli.

Essa non trasmette ai suoi figli queste chiare leggi, così che essi alla fine camminano in una ancora più grande tenebra, senza sapere che esisteva una vera luce che è stata messa da parte. Tale è lo stato del mondo - gravato con i più grandi peccati, attorcigliato nella propria depravazione, e del tutto incapace di liberarsene. È per questo che parlo, cercando di risolvere questa difficoltà demoniaca.


L’umanità è diventata contorta, nel momento che la chiara luce del Vangelo è stata gradualmente estinta. Ora, l’umanità sta immergendosi nella più grande oscurità da cui la società non può emergere. Quando la famiglia non è più vista come sacra, quando i bambini concepiti non sono più accettati come persone, quando la natura stessa del matrimonio è cambiata, allora la società è deformata, contorta, rigirata su se stessa e non in grado di riprodurre i bambini necessari per continuare la sua esistenza. Questi sono gli ovvi risultati della tenebra attuale contro la quale porgo fuori la luce del mio Cuore Immacolato.

19 maggio 2013


Luce fluisce dal cielo in modo che la terra non resti nell’oscurità. Tuttavia, l’umanità ha imparato a bloccare la luce del cielo. Essa estingue le luci ad una ad una, a tal punto che ora giace nelle tenebre. Quando inizia l’oscurità, le persone almeno hanno il ricordo della luce e di ciò che era la terra come quando le luci del cielo brillavano.

Col passare del tempo, sorge una più giovane generazione che nasce nella tenebra. Non hanno i ricordi di queste luci perché erano già estinte prima della loro nascita. Tale è per le grandi questioni morali dell’aborto e, ben presto, dei matrimoni omosessuali. La generazione più giovane nascerà in quella tenebra, senza rendersi conto che luci differenti erano solite brillare.


Questo è il motivo per cui parlo - per preservare la luce del cielo. Non parlo per condannare. Tuttavia, se non parlassi, l’oscurità non avrebbe alcun nemico, nessuna voce sollevata contro di esso. Le voci umane non bastano. Vengono facilmente soffocate o messe da parte. La mia è una voce celeste, che porta la propria autorità. Chi disputerà con me? Chi può dire che non amo l’umanità, quando ho sacrificato il mio unico figlio? Chi mi può accusare di parzialità? Io sono vostra madre e lo dico chiaramente. “State spegnendo le uniche luci che vi possono salvare dalla completa oscurità.” Non permetterò che questo accada.

20 maggio 2013


Un momento verrà quando tutte le nazioni si riuniranno alla mia presenza. Questo sarà il momento di grande luce e il momento della separazione completa e definitiva della luce dalle tenebre.

Alcuni che verranno innanzi a me in quel giorno saranno figli delle tenebre, catturati, intrappolati e ancora aggrappati alla loro oscurità. Tutto quello che potrò fare è di scacciarli. L’oscurità non ha posto con la luce, proprio come la notte non ha posto nel corso della giornata.

Come voglio evitare quel momento e che debba mai accadere. È per questo che parlo. O lettore, scaccia la tua oscurità. Non devi tentennare in essa. Non devi indugiare in essa. Le tenebre non hanno nulla a che fare con la luce e non esistono nel mio regno.


Queste parole sono la luce, che ti invita fuori dalla tua oscurità. Io non castigo. Io non condanno. Ma io non ti posso lasciare nella tua tenebra. Oh, lo sai fin troppo bene. È stata il tuo compagno costante. A volte, hai fatto di questa oscurità il tuo amico. La volevi al tuo fianco.

Ora, molto è cambiato. Tu giudichi in modo diverso. La stai chiamando tenebra, la tenebra, ed ora vuoi essere un figlio della luce. Bene! Cominciamo. Prendi la mia mano e sceglierai ancora una volta la luce di mio Figlio, Gesù. Non c’è molto tempo. Certo, non c’è tempo per ritardare. Scacciare la tenebra non è il lavoro di un giorno.

21 maggio 2013


Ho parlato chiaramente. L’umanità è gravata dai suoi peccati, ma non ha alcun desiderio di essere liberata. Non le piace la parola “pentimento”. Si aggrappa ai suoi peccati e paga il prezzo più alto per essi. Ama la sua oscurità e si allontana da chi le avrebbe offerto la luce. Essa nutre i suoi peccati e non vorrebbe mai venire separata da essi.

Offro all’umanità le grandi fontane della mia misericordia, ma ben pochi vengono a bere, anche se nessun prezzo è richiesto. Invece, l’umanità cerca al di fuori acque velenose per cui essa paga il prezzo più alto. Essa sacrifica la sua salute, la sua reputazione, il suo matrimonio, la sua famiglia. Anche se il peccato ha il cartellino del prezzo più alto, la distruzione della persona umana, esso è ancora fiorente.


Non c’è abbastanza tempo per descrivere il fardello dei peccati o della distruzione che porta alla persona umana. Ho parlato con delicatezza e con chiarezza. Concludo queste parole con un invito. O lettore, ti conosco e conosco i tuoi peccati. Io agirò con rapidità e decisione. Tu sarai sorpreso di come ti libererò così completamente. Tuttavia, ho bisogno del tuo libero arbitrio per allontanarti da questa oscurità e per cercare la bontà. Solo un piccolo atto della tua volontà, una piccola preghiera sarà sufficiente, “O Maria, senza peccato, salvami dai miei peccati”. Con questa preghiera le fontane di misericordia vengono rilasciate in te.