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quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2015

Locuciones para el Mundo - Del 11 al 19 de Febrero del 2015

Our Lady of Fatima

7. Light For the Hour of Darkness

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The path of light is open to all, but it is found most easily by those who walk with others, their hearts joined as one in the most important journey of all.  How many gather for other purposes, joined by the hopes of profits or delights.  They constantly move along those roads which the world points out to them.  How few join their hearts to walk the path of light.  This is the great secret that I am trying to reveal to the whole world.
In ordinary times, people do not need my special path of light.  The times are normal.  The problems can be overcome and the faith sustained.  However, these are not the usual times.  This is the hour, as Jesus called it.
In the hour of His passion, He told the apostles to stay awake, to pray that they might overcome the trial.  They failed and scattered, not grasping the darkness that they would face.
People might ask, “Why do I need this path of light?”  Because the darkness and the trial of the “hour” is at hand.  You must seek out others whose hearts are also seeking the path of light.  Join together and I will join with you.  The more you are joined, the greater will be the light.  When the darkness comes, just remain as one and you will have your light, your little candles burning brightly able to enkindle each other if your flame goes out.
Comment:  Find others who seek the light and pray together regularly.  Our Lady’s plan is not complicated.

6. A Path Revealed to the Little Ones

The path of light is a road filled with blessings which are hidden from the proud but revealed quickly to the little ones who want to walk my ways.
First, they see that I am with them in every danger, always protecting them from the harm which is caused by others or by their own foolish decisions.
Second, they experience my constant encouragement.  They know that when the great problems come upon them, that I will be there to help carry them.  Third, they often experience my presence, as warmth or a peace comes over them.  This quiets their fears and allows them to choose the right road.
Thirdly, they know that I will be with them until the end.  I will never abandon them until that moment when I embrace them forever and ever.  This is the path of light which is open to all the little ones.  How do your become “a little one”?  This is the great secret.  A person must decide to be a “little one” (and everyone in the world can make that decision).
First, they must see that their own strength and their own intellect are unable to overcome all their difficulties.
Second, they must be filled with hope, that I hear their every cry.
Third, they must walk in my ways, according to my truths.  This is the great illumination that takes place in the heart, when the person allows me to place my new light within them.
Now, they are my little one, able to walk my path of light.
Comment:  Our Lady gives a very simple teaching that anyone can follow.

5. Let There Be Light

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Those who seek the light need only allow themselves to be drawn and led by it.  The Father has created you for light.  He, Himself, is eternal light, shining from all ages.  His first words were, “Let there be light”.  He has formed in His only Son, Jesus, the new kingdom of light, the only hope for a world plunged into darkness.
I preach this kingdom and open its doors right now.  Where are these doors?  Just follow my voice.  My words will lead you.  Right now, you cannot see, so let your ears be open to my words.  They will bring you to the doors of sight.  Let me begin.
You are absorbed by a darkness that you do not even perceive.  The daily cares, the anxieties, and the attempts to gain security absorb the heart.  Every hour is filled, so little time, sometimes none, given to the light.
Now, you hear my voice saying, “Come over here.  Stay a moment.  Do not rush headlong”.  What do I ask of you?  Just a moment, a time to invoke me, to call on me with faith.  I ask some quiet moments, some stillness, an absorption into the light of prayer which has greater power to absorb you than the darkness.  Only I can bring you this light, Jesus, my Son.   The Father has placed Jesus in my heart, where all are called to receive.  You only escape darkness by coming into light and you cast out darkness only by grasping the light.   All other efforts will completely fail.
Now, I speak the most precious words of all.  In the beginning, all was darkness until God said “Let there be light”.   As the new darkness comes, the Father has given me the privilege, the task, the call, even the command, to use His words, “Let there be light”.   Through these locutions, I am saying those words day after day, in numerous images and teachings.  Now, I say it to you, “Let there be light”.  I will always say those words.  They are my daily, constant blessing.  “Let there be light”.
Comment:    In this Marian Age, the Father has given Our Lady many special privileges to help us in our darkness

4. The Flame and the Candle

The path of light is my gift to those who accept me.  Many set me aside, as if I were not important in the Father’s plan.  Others see no need to call upon my help.  If you are one of these, it is specifically for you that I speak today.  Without me, you can certainly walk a road to the Father through Jesus, but that road is hard to find and difficult to walk.
The heavenly Father foresaw this present time of darkness brought about by the cleverness of Satan’s plan.  For this moment of history, God reserved a new and special light, a candle burning brightly which each person can hold.  Is that not what you yourselves do?  When the lights go out, you use candles, because there is no central light.  So each person carries their own lit candle and all feel safe.
Picture me as the Heavenly Father’s candle and Jesus as the flame.  Can you have the flame without the candle?  I am not the flame.  Jesus is the flame, but I am the candle, easily available to all who accept me.  The candle comes first, then the flame.  Who would try to take the flame into their own hands?  That is foolishness. Only harm would result.
How long will the candle burn?  How bright will be its flame?  I am the Father’s candle and I will burn as long and as brightly as each one needs.  I am Immaculate.  The light will be pure, piercing and totally able to lead you.   When the night grows darker, I will burn more brightly.  When the wind comes, I, myself, will protect the flame.  Even if the flame goes out, I will ask the heavenly Father and He will light your candle again.
The time is now because you must get your candle before the darkness comes.
Comment:  So many object to or do not see the need for devotion to Mary.  Here, Our lady lowers herself, calls herself just a candle.  But how needed, so each person can have the flame!

MARÍA: Nadie será capaz de dispersar la oscuridad que viene. Yo dejaré a todos los líderes del mundo fracasar.

Locuciones para el Mundo - Del 11 al 15 de Febrero del 2015

El Rostro del Terrorismo
8. El que Empuña la Llave
11 de febrero de 2015

(How great the nations must struggle to maintain life and the security of their citizens. Strains appear everywhere. Violence within and violence from without. All is falling apart. Where are the rays of hope? Who even dreams of a brighter future, indeed if there is to be a future? Pain, panic, violence, fear, destruction, and a great uneasiness prevail. Darkness grows and hope dwindles.)

Cuánto deben luchar las naciones para mantener la vida y la seguridad de sus ciudadanos. Aparecen tensiones en todas partes. Violencia dentro y violencia desde fuera. Todo se está desmoronando. ¿Dónde están los rayos de esperanza? ¿Quién incluso sueña con un futuro más brillante, si es que ha de haber un futuro? Dolor, pánico, violencia, temor, destrucción, y una gran inquietud prevalecen. La oscuridad crece y la esperanza mengua.

(Who appears on the scene as s savior? Who can be raised up? Many people will arise, trying to claim the mantle of savior, attempting to show that they are the one called to restore peace. I have reserved that role to the one who wields the key. I have not given it to another.)
¿Quién aparece en la escena como un salvador? ¿Quién puede ser elevado? Mucha gente surgirá, tratando de reclamar el manto de salvador, intentando mostrar que ellos son los llamados a restaurar la paz. Yo he reservado ese rol a aquel que empuña la llave. No se lo he entregado a otro.

(No one will rise up in his/her own powers. No one will climb the mountain and claim the fire of life. No one will be able to disperse the coming darkness. I will allow all the world leaders to fail. All will see that even those who have great nations at their command cannot quell the destructive fires. As these events, of every kind, spread their evil, world leaders will become helpless. The whole world will see the futility of their efforts.)
Nadie ascenderá por sus propios poderes. Nadie escalará la montaña y reclamará el fuego de la vida. Nadie será capaz de dispersar la oscuridad que viene. Yo dejaré a todos los líderes del mundo fracasar. Todos verán que incluso aquellos que tienen grandes naciones a su mando no pueden sofocar los fuegos destructivos. Mientras estos eventos de toda índole, propagan su maldad, los líderes mundiales se quedarán indefensos. El mundo entero verá la inutilidad de sus esfuerzos.LEER...

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