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segunda-feira, 13 de maio de 2013

Mary : Time and again I come back to this point of the consecration of Russia. I wait for it and I will continue to wait. When it is done, I will pour out my gifts.

Let the Word go Forth
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I will soon begin to speak to you for the whole world. You will receive these words as you have received all the other words. You will write the words down and record the proper dates. You will take these words to Monsignor Esseff, for his discernment. If his heart discerns that these messages should be released to the whole world they will go forth. He will correctly say that these are being given to one of his directees. The time is short and that is why I have moved you so quickly.


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Monsignor John Esseff
Monsignor John Esseff and Mother Teresa
Let me introduce myself; I am Monsignor John Esseff, a diocesan priest of Scranton, Pa., ordained in 1953. In 1959, Padre Pio became my spiritual director. For many years, I was the spiritual director for Mother Teresa of Calcutta. As a favor to her, I traveled all over the world, giving retreats, to her sisters. Above all, I am privileged to be spiritual director for hundreds of souls, at every stage of the spiritual life. Some are beginners, others are advanced and some are mystics.
For many years, I have been director for a special soul. Five years ago, Jesus and Mary began to speak to this soul through the gift of locutions (as described by John of the Cross). These locutions now total over 800. I have discerned the validity of these locutions. Until now, these locutions were personal teachings given for the small community that gathered in prayer. Beginning on December 10, 2010, a new phase began, namely, some locutions were to be told to the whole world.
The beginning locutions are very special; focusing on the Fatima Vision (released by the Vatican (June 2000).
Concerning Private Revelations: These are private revelations and there is no need to believe them. If these revelations help your faith, then receive them. If not, you can set them aside. We are called to believe only public revelations.

 Pope Francis

1. The Real Issues

The votes have been cast. The pope has been chosen. “What will be the new direction?” everyone asks. That is not the question, nor do the answers to that question have great significance. It is not the direction that the Church takes, but the impact the Church makes upon the world that truly matters. Too much is made of internal policies and decisions. The real question is whether the Church is a light to the world? Can the Church’s light dispel the darkness and can the Church’s voice again be heard in the market place? So much needs to change and the task is so daunting.
Time and again I come back to this point of the consecration of Russia. I wait for it and I will continue to wait. When it is done, I will pour out my gifts. Before it is done, the gifts cannot be released. What is withheld cannot be delayed for long. The Holy Father must more ahead. When it is accomplished, the blessings of heaven that are still in my heart will pour out, first in the hearts of the Russian people and then all over the world.

2. A Missionary Pope

His first steps will be hesitating and slow but as my light grows in his heart he will see more clearly why I have raised him up. He will see vistas that are hidden from other eyes. He will see with my eyes and more important, he will love with my heart.
As he understands the special graces of his new office, he will act more boldly, correcting what needs to be changed and elevating those who have great gifts to offer the Church.
All of this, he will do in the normal course of his office, the tasks that he is expected to fulfill. However, I will lead his eyes elsewhere, to far away shores, for he has come from a distant land. His heart will be missionary and his mind will be on many parts of the world that are not developed.
He knows the value of planting missionary seeds, even when the harvest will not be in his lifetime. Oh, so very much for him to do. Let him choose carefully those who will surround him as his helpers.
He is close to my heart, a child of my love and I will be with him throughout his papacy. He will move ahead and advance my cause. He will speak about me and proclaim my name and my titles. I will lead him further and further into the mystery. Much he does not yet see, but his heart is open to me and I will teach him much. As he gives his heart fully to me, I will exalt him. Only in this way, will all my blessings pour out.

3. Completing the Bridge of Pope Benedict

Quickly, all the problems of the world will fall upon him as a burden that he will carry for the rest of his life. He will come to me now as my Vicar, the one chosen to lead my Church. I will not forsake him nor allow his footsteps to falter. I will strengthen him and give to him those who will support him. How important are the choices that he will make of those who will surround him and share in his ministry.
This is enough. I have spoken clearly. He will be a strong rock, part of the constant foundation of my Church down through the centuries. When his papacy is completed, the great bridge will also be completed and the foundation will have remained firm during so many years of turmoil in the world and the Church.
I bring these teachings to an end. The Church has gone through a needed transition, ready for the final years of preparation. Like a house made ready for a coming storm, so have I made my Church. The great storms are already on the horizon. All will see this period, begun by the resignation of Pope Benedict, as a time of God’s divine providence. Benedict had guided the Church with a steady hand. Francis’ hands and heart are so similar to Benedict’s. The rock of Peter will now enter into great storms. These are not internal storms within the Church but the external storms that will come upon the modern world. I want my Church to be ready.

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