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sábado, 9 de março de 2013

Mary : Do not be surprised that I have prepared my priest son for this great task. Immediately, his papacy will be immersed in the greatest darkness. The forces of hell will realize what I have done.


1. A Non-European Pope?

What is hidden will be revealed as the days go on. First, the hidden design and plans of the cardinals. Many nourish a secret hope that they will be the choice. Others nourish the hope that they can push forward their candidate. This is their greatest hope because they see themselves as too unknown to ascend the papacy. All of this will be a pushing back and forth, a sparring of various personalities and ideas. This will wear off and give way to a serious discussion of the candidates – really too many and too diverse. The field is not limited to Italians, or to Europeans. The cardinals are thinking of the world and asking the question, is it time for another part of the world to bring forth a pope? This thinking is important because it will stretch out the timetables. These cardinals will refuse to give up their hopes. They see that Benedict tried to win back Europe and was not successful. Why try again? Why place the Church in the hands of a European? This will be a main issue in the discussions.
Many will question the wisdom of a non-European. Is not the papacy located in Europe? Is not the pope the bishop of Rome? So, there will be a great resistance on the part of many to accept, even the premise that a non-European should be elected. The scales are weighted in Europe’s favor, yet the tide to move the papacy out of Europe is strong. This will be an on-going battle, even before candidates are named. Neither side will give up quickly, nor allow the others to push through their candidates. Those who favor a non-European pope do not have the power to elect but they exert a great power to stop an election.

2. A Pope With A Burning Heart

When all begins to become clear to the cardinals, they will see the greatness of their call and the overwhelming responsibility that has fallen to them. They will see the state of the world, so ready to rip apart at the seams. They will see a Church, bringing in a full harvest in some continents and having little to show in others. They will see the Muslim threat, ever growing and always menacing.
Yet, they will see more. They will see my Sacred Heart, filled with love yet so many times rejected, even by my Church. Into my heart they must enter. Only there will they see and understand. No one should sit upon the Chair of Peter unless he is close to my heart. I have not called an intellectual. I have not called a charming personality. I want one kind of pope – a pope whose heart burns with mine, whose wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit, and whose papacy will follow my direction. Anyone else is not acceptable at this moment in the history of the world and the Church.
I will speak clearly. The words must be like a knife, cutting to the heart. Do not give me a pope who will not consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart. Let him not be vague on this issue. It is already late, very late. This must be his primary goal. Consecrating Russia must have been in his heart years ago. I will reject every candidate for whom the consecration of Russia is not first in their hearts. If their names are put forth, I will personally defeat them. I will act through those who are my closest friends.
I have foreseen this conclave. I have inspired Pope Benedict concerning those whom he selected as cardinals. I have many cardinals who cherish the consecration of Russia. Some do this more openly than others. This issue is not to be set aside. If those who lead the conclave want to put it under the table, then I will raise up those who will put it back on the table. Consecrating Russia must be the pope’s first dream, not his afterthought or something that he might get to.

3. The Lord’s Choice

I do not abandon my servants. I do not give them my promise and not keep it. My word is this. The conclave that is about to begin will bring forth a startling pope, one that no one would ever have thought of because he is so hidden in my heart. He walks in my Spirit and he knows my desires. He follows a light that has been with him for years and years. The same light that guided him to the papacy will continue to guide him. Because he follows my light, both the world and the Church will be blessed.
I will not allow anyone to block his ascendency to the Chair of Peter. Although many will be totally surprised, I will not allow them to stand in the way. I will clear away all the obstacles and will present him to the cardinals as the one whom I have chosen. Even with these clear signs, some will not accept my choice, but they will be in the minority. Most will say, “The Lord has clearly shown us his choice”.
He will wait very calmly, knowing that there is nothing he can do or should do. He is the chosen one and upon him I have set my seal. His has been a life of prayer and devotion, of activity and solitude. He waits, not anxiously, but expectantly. He has no idea of how I will bring about his election, even though he knows that I have chosen him. He holds my secrets in his heart and carefully guards them.
He is seen by many and yet remains unknown. He waits for that moment when I call him onto the center of the stage. When the lights go on, he will be totally prepared, better than any other pope in history because he has dwelt so long in my Immaculate Heart. He knows exactly what I will expect from him and he will give this to me as a faithful son. He will give me everything. He will hold back nothing. He will follow only my plan, setting aside all of his own ideas. He is the one of whom I say, “He will bring my light to the nations”.

4. The Treasures Within the Pope’s Heart

I do not burden those whom I call. I prepare them and give them all the inner graces needed for their task. This was true of Benedict whom I prepared for years by his work in Rome. The future pope I have also prepared, immersing him in many types of pastoral experiences and leading him to search out every action of God. He has been an explorer, looking into all that is new and accepting into his heart all that could bless the Church. These are the fresh blessings that he will bring to the Chair of Peter.
There is more, so much more. It will not just be a sum total of his experiences that he will share, but all that I have told him, all that I have explained to him. For so many, many years I have been speaking to his heart. Even he does not realize all that I have stored up within him. He only knows that I will lift him to the papacy and all that he has received, all the wisdom I have placed in his heart and all the directions for the future of the Church must pour out. There will be new treasures and new directions, all given quickly in a short period of time that will mark this papacy
Do not be surprised that I have prepared my priest son for this great task. Immediately, his papacy will be immersed in the greatest darkness. The forces of hell will realize what I have done. They will see, better than others, the full gift. They will realize what I have accomplished. These forces were poised to destroy the Church. They were lurking along the path, ready to steal and even to destroy. Suddenly, the Church is no longer on that path. All of their plans will come to nothing.
My pope will lead the Church on a new path. He will say to all, “This is the way we must walk”. Even though he is the pope, many will not agree. Many, and I stress this, many will oppose him and even threaten him. However, this new pope is like a little child who knows only the voice of his mother. He will respond to all of his critics, “This is the way my heavenly mother wants me to lead the Church. Is she not the mother of the Church?”

5. The Holy Spirit’s Actions

The hour is at hand when all the love that I have in my heart will pour out over all the Church. Benedict has made this possible by his resignation. Suddenly, the Chair of Peter is empty. The Church has no human leader. All the world awaits the decision of the cardinals. An opening exists. The Church is praying and expecting. I will give the Church more than a new pope. This is the moment of an extraordinary action of my Spirit. All will see, whether they are Catholics or not, that I have done what was never expected.
This will open my Church to a new expectancy. If I have taken this surprise action at the highest level of my Church, will I not do the same at every level? All will see that the Holy Spirit has acted in a unique manner. Everyone’s eyes will be open. A new era will begin when every Catholic will once more be open to the actions of the Holy Spirit.
The time is too precious and the hour is too momentous to allow this decision to rest in the hands of man. The cardinals will vote and, according to the established procedures, their votes will elect the new pope. That will not change. It is before they elect a candidate that the Spirit will move in a surprising way. He knows the choice of my heart. He knows what needs to be done to bring forth this priest son. He will invite the cardinals to yield to his promptings. If they do not, then he will increase his manifestations. If those in charge continue to resist him, then he will raise up other cardinals. They will come forth with the Spirit’s words of direction. However, the human cooperation of the cardinals is needed. The new pope must receive their votes. That will not change but the way the cardinals arrive at that vote will be seen by all as the clear promptings of the Holy Spirit.

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